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March 16th-18th

Collab365 GlobalCon5 

Microsoft 365 virtual conference

(pssst. Register today and claim your free m365 ebook)

Emily mancini

mark kashman

stacy deere-strole

nate chamberlain








Register today and we will give you access to these 7 Microsoft 365 beginner sessions 

That was an impressive session, indeed! I normally love weekends, but I am sad when GlobalCon is over as it feels like reuniting with friends...

Rest well and congrats on so many awesome conferences where you feel like you are part of a family.

Chuck Gafford

Repeat Attendee, GlobalCon4

why should i attend globalcon5?

Right now, Microsoft are unstoppable! Almost daily we receive a flurry of new updates, features and strategies across our most favorite technologies like Teams, Power Platform, SharePoint and everything else stacked into Microsoft 365! It's got so HARD TO KEEP UP that we run 4 Global Conferences a year to bring you what’s hot, and what’s actually working right now.

the biggest

We've been running the biggest and best virtual conferences for over 6 years now. In fact, we've helped train over 135,000 people around the world.


To support tens of thousands of attendees and make a delightful user experience, we custom built our own conference platform. 

microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is so big and changes so often, we could run a conference every week. At this event you will learn the latest to keep your skills fresh.


You can access all sessions for free. All we ask is you turn up and let us train you. There's also an All-Access Pass if you want to watch on-demand.

"Dynamics Products and Cloud Services revenue increased by 19%

driven by Dynamics 365 Growth of 38%!"

- Microsoft 2021 Q1 Earnings Report -

what will i learn at globalcon5?

What's working now?

There's no doubt about what's hot in the Microsoft space right now. If you've been to any of our previous Summits you will notice that the Power Platform and Teams sessions are always flooded with raving fans! Learning these technologies will really give your a skills boost in an ever changing marketplace.

Learn newer technologies and strategies

At GlobalCon5, we've invited industry experts to deliver sessions that enable us to explore and understand topics beyond our normal day-to-day.  These are technologies that we should know today because, we may well need them tomorrow.  You can expect sessions across the whole Microsoft sphere.

Just beginning your journey?

We know that although you probably excel in one technology, it's likely you are just beginning with others. Instead of adding "beginner 101" sessions to the agenda, we've pre-recorded them and will send them after you register (for free). We've in-depth beginner tutorials on Teams, Power Apps, Power Platform, Power BI, SharePoint, OneNote and MS Project.

register for globalcon5 pick a free ebook!

We know you've probably got a 1000 other things to do rather than register for GlobalCon5 "right now", so as a little incentive ... if you register today, we will send you one of these eBooks. 

  • Cool and exciting ways to use Forms to engage users
  • Compentise your Power apps
  • Transforming SharePoint Lists and Libraries with Power Apps
  • Become a SharePoint Online PowerShell Master!

important: how to get your ebook

After registering, we will send you an email explaining how to select your chosen ebook! 

globalcon5 programme of events

16th + 17th March 2021


In March we will launch the final element of GlobalCon5. Expect an all-star line-up of amazing sessions and live discussion sessions.

16th & 17th March 2021

18th March 2021

workshops (1 day)

We're also really excited to be offering in-depth 4-5 hour workshops to help you learn how to control Teams and improved your user adoption. 

18th March 2021

who is presenting at GlobalCon5 (so far)?

We're still busy selecting Speakers for the GLOBALCON5 event days. However, we've already selected the following experts to deliver sessions for GLOBALCON5.





Shannon Lindsay

John Peluso

Stacy Deere-Strole





Julie Yack

Aiden Kaskela

Kylie Kiser  

Paige Cassada

EY Kalman

Josh Santiago

Nate Chamberlain

Kelly Jones

Michael Ochs

Dustin Domerese

Sergey Podwalny

Django Lohn

Alex Rostan

Ed Gonzales



Jamie Willis-Rose



Balamurugan Kailasam

Sven Seidenberg

Emily Mancini

Derek Cash-Peterson

Kathy Harper

Reza Dorani

Sasha Kranjac

are our summits worth attending?

Jo Ellison has attended many of our Summits. Hear what she values most about the experience ...

Now that Microsoft are "all-in" the Cloud, we're seeing EPIC releases almost weekly, meaning ...

your Microsoft 365 skills need to be REFRESHED, so that you don't get left behind!

Mark Jones

Founder, Collab365

who are we?

At Collaboris we've been running virtual conferences under the "Collab365" brand for over 6 years. Over that time, we've achieved a few milestones that make us proud:


the largest m365 virtual conference


attendees have registered for our events


number of members in our facebook and linkedin groups


the first ever 24-hour microsoft virtual conference


we've now produced 22 virtual conferences


users across our sites in the last 12 months

say "hello" to the collab365 team

Our team is extremely passionate about planning and organising the best Microsoft-related events. We're always looking to innovate whilst delivering virtual conferences that are high quality, enjoyable experiences. When it's conference time .. we all help out!

mark jones

Heavily involved in the strategy,  design & marketing for Collab365.

hugo esperanca

The 'Tech Brain' behind everything related to Collab365 sites.  

helen jones

Manages Collab365 Summits and is involved in every aspect! 

fraser beadle

Keeps Collab365 running like a finely oiled machine.

connor deasey

Studying to pass the PL-900 exam (+ sharing the journey)!

questions we always get asked?

Why is it "FREE"? What's the "catch"?

There's no catch at all. We truly believe in bringing education to everyone regardless of budget. If you attend and watch the sessions at their scheduled time, each day is free to watch while it's playing. 

Can I watch the sessions when it's over?

Yes, however, to watch the sessions when it's over you will need an "All-Access Pass". These are inexpensive and allow us to offer the main event completely free. 

Can I chat while the session is playing?

Certainly! We actively encourage it because this is how you get the most out of the session. The "chat" is positioned to the right of the session video, so doesn't distract. Hundreds log in to chat so that they can chat with their peers and ask the speaker questions.   

What if I can't make certain days?

Just as with a physical conference, if you can't make the live event you will miss out. If you want to watch any sessions you miss, or want to re-watch them (as many do), then you will need an "All-Access Pass".

Can I download the videos?

You can't download the videos but we do host them in our own platform so you can watch them as they play. 

Is this streamed "Live"?

Our sessions are prerecorded to ensure we have the best possible streaming quality and experience. However, our conference platform plays each session as though it is "live", meaning every attendee sees the same second at the same time. This allows our speakers to answer your questions during the presentation without interrupting the flow. Feedback since we switched to this approach has been overwhelmingly positive. Read more