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10x Power Apps Videos

PowerApps Virtual Summit (RRP $99)

10x Power Apps EBooks 

PowerApps Virtual Summit  (RRP $59)

17x Power Automate Videos

Flow Virtual Summit (RRP $99)

10x Power Automate Ebooks

Flow Virtual Summit (RRP $59)

17x SharePoint Videos 

SharePoint Virtual Summit (RRP $99)

10x SharePoint Ebooks

SharePoint Virtual Summit (RRP $59)

17x Power BI / Excel Videos

Power BI Virtual Summit (RRP $99)

10x Power BI / Excel Ebooks

Power BI Virtual Summit (RRP $59)

15x Teams Videos

MS Teams Virtual Summit (RRP $99)

10x Teams Ebooks

MS Teams Virtual Summit (RRP $59)

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Where can I see more about the videos?

You can view what each session covered about by clicking on the links below. The sessions will be unlocked when you purchase a pass. 

TIP: Enter a session and look at the chat to get a feel of how good it was.

already got globalcon3 all-access pass?

Please note: If you have already purchased the GlobalCon3 All-Access Pass this includes the content from the GlobalCon1 event. The GlobalCon2 summit is available to purchase separately so these items are not included in this special offer.

Questions we always get asked ...

How long will it take to be granted access?

Within 5-minutes of payment you will be given access to watch all of the sessions you purchase.

can i share the sessions with my team?

No, the license is for personal use only. If you wish to purchase a pass for your team, please contact us at [email protected]

What if the Speaker isn't a Freelancer?

If a particular speaker (such as those that work at Microsoft), don't offer a freelancing service, you can easily find someone with similar knowledge and skill set on MicroJobs.

if i don't like them, can i get a refund?

We are sure you will love the sessions, but if you feel they aren't good for you then we do offer a refund within 3-days of purchase.

how do i watch the sessions?

All of our sessions are currently hosted on our events platform. To watch a session, all you need to do is go here, find the relevant agenda and click a session you want to watch. On the first session, you will be asked to unlock using the email address you purchased with. Copy the code we send to you and that will unlock all sessions on that browser.

Can I download the videos?

You can't download the videos but we do host them in our own platform so you can watch them as they play.  

Can I get personal coaching?

Many of our Speakers also offer their services on Collab365 MicroJobs. This is our freelancer marketplace dedicated to serving the Microsoft community. If you'd like to ask the Speakers more questions or dig in deeper then it's easy to hire them on MicroJobs.

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